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  • Media Solutions
    All your media in one place and on your TV, NO PC required, with NO monthly fees as it free. This is a no brainer, just plug and play in HD

    and UHD up to 4k
  • IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TVNO PC REQUIRED
    You do not need to spend hours working out how to put a PC on your TV. Just use the mediacenter which just does it all and no extra computer Required.
  • IPTV IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TVSmart Home
    Now you can start to automate your home with smart plugs, smart bulbs, smart remotes, smart security you can do it your self with help from us. Come and see a demo

We are MEDIA CENTER Hardware enablers »

IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TVMedia from all around the world

Get your media with our M8s/ T95u media centers that are powered by SPMC - so that means you have live TV from around the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Germany,France, Russia, Thailand, China, Australia, and so many more countries. Read more here

We are IOT HArdware enablers »

IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TVSee us for home automation / IOT devices

We offer so many IOT (Internet Of Things) Home Automation devices and solution that can also run on your media centers including but not limited to Smart Lights (bulbs and switches), Video Alarms with on demand (to mobile as well) live video, Amazon tools like Alexa / Echo.

do you need Your own solution »

by JSAT.TVEnglish freeview TV with program guide

Live English freeview TV from all the 35 terestrial channels (Freeview) like BBC1,2,3,4 ITV 1,2,3,e4, Dave,Pick, more4, 5 and so much more live on your mediacenters complete with a TV guide. Ideal for expats Talk to us about it on 02.714.3551.


Media Solutions in Thailand by JSAT.TV Australian / New Zealand Freeview TV

If you are missing TV from Austrlia or New Zealand (Freeview) then talk to us about the live Australian TV or Live Kiwi TV that we carry from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and of course the New Zealand time zones. Ideal for expats Talk to us about it on 02.714.3551.

simple set up of the mediacenter on any HD TV or UHD TV it's so simple as these 3 steps

  • iot

    We offer so many IOT (Internet Of Things) Home Automation devices and solutions come and see a live demo of many things here in our offices from Smart lights, Smart home tools all live starting from THB1,000

  • IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    JSAT.TV does not maintain nor run any form of IPTV Servers like you may have read in the press. We only provide free and open source software / firmware of which there is no weekly charge.

  • IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    End of life for all media centers before and including the M8. So this includes;M8S, M8, MX
    Coco Box
    Rasberry Pi version 1 and 2

    Other Android 4.x devices

The ultimate in smart set top box systems at only THB 7,000 the T95u Pro now with Android 7 is a set top box with a metal case and the Android Play Store, in full uHD, streaming movies, Ideal Multi Media system, music, pictures on this full blown media center with free media from around the world ..

JSAT IPTV for free in Thailand