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About us here at JSAT.TV

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JSAT tv is a media service and solution company providing a number of different services, system and solutions primarily to the ex-pat community here in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Solutions is indeed our main forte as we are part of the Solutions Factory limited liability company founded here in Thailand in 2544 (2002) BE. We consider ourselves to be in a unique position of having solutions for IT Computing, Media Centers, IPTV, high end media solutions, Satellite IT and Satellite TV and Radio, IPTV (Internet TV) as well, marketing, and general consulting on many areas within our fields of expertise. Note as of 2012 we no longer do domestic satellite TV or radio only IPTV type systems

The head of operations (Khun Anne, the boss) has been involved in running many large operations here in Thailand and Hong Kong (Services / Support Manager for Hong Kong Interbank Clearing, HSBC and many others) and is the key to our operation. She runs the company and all the teams and subcontractors for the last 15 years.

The JSAT tv support team are the people who answer your calls,send you email updates, post the items to the web site, central billing and so much more. You can talk to them on 02.714.3551

We only provideno onsite service of satellite system in BANGKOK as of 01JUN13 and no longer sell new satellite systems

Now we only sell and support Mediacenter(s) of all sorts from Mac, PC, Android, Linix, NAS and free IPTV systems to get solutions for you. We do not sell content - period.

A MAP TO OUR OFFICE ( ** WE ARE NOT EASY TO FIND but the maps good**)
GPS: North: 13.43.354 East: 100.35.332

  • OFFICE PHONE: 02.714.3551
    HAND PHONE:(+66) 094.294.2651
    EMAIL: info @

    Remember there are no monthly fee for the media centers it is free to use - if we update the operating systems on your box then we need to do it here NOT remote like before as it involves dumping your existing Operating System for the new one and this has to be done in our offices Updates we will do in our offices or you can support yourself with our wikipedia/repo and android tools on your system.

    For the record
    JSAT.TV or Solutions Factory Company Limited has not now or ever had anything to do with Allen Reeks or Alan Reeks or Mage TV or Maige TV.
    JSAT.TV does not maintain nor run any form of IPTV Servers like you may have read in the press this week. We only provide free and open source software.


Monday to Saturday
- 09:30 to 17:00

Sunday and Public Holidays
- Closed

simple set up of the T95uPro box on any HD TV or UHD TV it's so simple as these 3 steps

  • iot

    We offer so many IOT (Internet Of Things) Home Automation devices and solutions come and see a live demo of many things here in our offices from Smart lights, Smart home tools all live starting from THB1,000

  • free FTA TV Thailand by JSAT.TV

    JSAT.TV does not maintain nor run any form of IPTV Servers like you may have read in the press We only provide free and open source software / firmware at NO weekly cost..

  • free FTA TV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    End of life for all media centers before and including the M8. So this includes; M8, M8s ,MX
    Coco Box
    Rasberry Pi version 1 and 2

    Other Android 4.x devices

The ultimate in smart set top box systems at only THB 7,000 the T95u Pro Android 7 set top box with a metal case and the Android Play Store, in full uHD, streaming movies, Ideal Multi Media system, music, pictures on this full blown media center with free media from around the world ..

JSAT IPTV for free in Thailand