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    If you have an internet connection, phone,wifi,adsl anywhere in the world you can use the JSAT T95Upro to watch TV. Works well on 4g

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    The Media Centers are powered by 'SPMC' the worlds most popular media center by far and is licenced and free for you to use.

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The JSAT T95UPRO Entertainment Centers / MediaCenters
- T95UPRO is JUST THB 7,000 just plug and play

Remember SPMC is FREE, we sell a complete hardware solution (we are the hardware solution) to you all pre-configured, pre-installed and it is all working 100% with the SPMC Entertainment Center software that has proven the test of time and evolved into what it is today. There are no fees associated with any software as it is free and opensource provided by the SPMC. So how can we charge you for free? Be aware many other places do charge . For iDevice users (iPhone,iPad,iPod etc) the T95UPRO also comes with free Apples' airPlay. as standard and the new Android screen sharing.

simple set up of the JSAT MX set up of the box on any TV HD or UHD TV is so simple as 3 steps to watch live and free IPTV

The Mediacenter never needs to be Jailbroken

Tired of jailbreaking your AppleTV to get it to actually do anything useful? With the T95UPRO you’ll never have to worry about jailbreaking again! The unit comes completely open and ready to install any apps through the Google Play Store and you can even install apps manually through the on board app installer. With so many options available on the T95UPRO you’re probably wondering why you ever considered the Apple TV to begin with.

The Mediacenter is Much better than Roku or Apple TVM8 itv from

The T95UPRO is much more than just a cheap media streamer box like the Roku and Apple TV devices. The T95UPRO is a full-fledged ARM mini computer running the complete Andriod 6.0.1 operating system. Unlike it’s competitors the T95UPRO is extremely versatile and open, meaning you can install virtually any Android app from the Google Play Store and that is over 1,000,000 apps. The T95UPRO features an 8 core processesor and on the T95UPRO UHD with SPDIF digital audio output for surround sound, something else the other boxes simply just do not have like the T95UPRO.

The Mediacenter has so much great software to come

This is just the beginning for your new T95UPRO. We’re working every day to improve your device by adding new features, function and applications. You’ll be notified by email when a new firmware update is available and be given the option to download and install it or we will do it for free within the first year, you pay the return shipping. Expect many great new features to be coming soon to an T95UPRO near you.

The Mediacenter user experience *

When you purchase a T95UPRO box from us here at, you are protected with a one time 1 month replacement warranty that no one offers and  can touch. Hardware warrentee is three (3) monhs.  What extra kinds of warranty do we offer? The kind that says you can break your media center software and we'll fix it within the first three months for free, but you pay the return shipping. Find anybody else in this industry that offers that kind of warranty here in Thailand. 

Bear in mind, when you purchase a clone box, not only are you getting maybe at best refurbished second hand material, but it is often much older than our current hardware. With that clone also comes no true support, no warranty and a non-existent update policy. So for saving a few baht, does this clone really sound like a bargain afterall?

If you are not allowed to install a satellite dish, then no problem!

If you can not install a satellite dish then this maybe the answer for you. Use a JSAT T95UPRO which comes with a free to use (free software / free realtime updates) Media center with FREE IPTV to watch TV from around the world. With over 1060 providers each of them pushing between 5-100 free to view channels from all over the world.

The T95UPRO supports most common audio, video, and image formats, playlists, audio visualizations, slideshows, weather forecasts reporting, and third-party plugins. It is network-capable (internet and LAN shares).

JSAT Pi - free IPTV in Thailand The core open source software used on the T95UPRO is SPMC which is a free download and you can install it yourself for free ( we simply provide a complete working solution (we are SPMC hardware providers) direct to your HDTV with NO PC required at all (the XBMC/SPMC hardware direct to the TV) for your home media center / entertaiment center in both hardware and paid support (if needed). Unlike other IPTV providers, we sell you the Media Center and you get the TV as a bonus for FREE (no monthly fees) with it, so please remember it is only as good as your internet is and for good TV, a 5mb or above service is desirable for the TV channels. Remember you do not need a PC to do this! Comes with Apple airplay as



The JSAT MediaCenter with free TV mini FAQ

What sort of TV do I need for the JSAT T95UPRO?
A normal flat screen HDTV , 3DTV or UHD TV is the best although all sorts are supported. The T95UPRO supports 4k UHD as well.

Can I see a JSAT T95UPRO in action?
Yes you can - they run 24/7 in our offices so feel free to pop by and look at them and time from 09:30 to 17:00 daily from Monday to Saturday and by appointment on Sundays or see the screen dumps in our gallery. Screen dumps are just that, images of what we watch not what we say but what is real.

What is a JSAT T95UPRO ?
It is a full blown media center powered by SPMC the worlds oldest and biggest open sourced Android based media centers and a complete solution, it come with 1GB wifi, LAN, Apple Airplay, remote control, power supply, HDMI Cable upto 4K UHD, along with a small user manual.

What Operating System does the JSAT T95UPRO work on
It is Andriod based ( T95UPRO is Android 6.0.1 Marshmellow) like the smart phones and tablets but in this case connects direct to your TV via an HDMI cable, so with access to the google play store you can also run all the Android Apps as well from email, web browsing, games etc.

Read our latest newsletter here - Kiwi TV added - USA HDTV Added - Australian HDTV

How do I do wifi it?
Wifi is in the set up app on the main start up screen unter the settings menu / screen , just connect to your local wifi the same way as you do with your tablet or smart phone.

Can I use my mobile phone as a wifi hotspot?
Yes you can and they work just fine on AIS, True 3G, DTAC and this is the option for many customers already. Up to 66mbis on a 4G connection. Up to 22mbis on a 3G connection.

Can I use a Keyboard and mouse with these media centers?
Yes you can use a wireless or normal keyboard and mouse if you need to. A mouse is great to use.

Can I use external USB drives on the media center box?
Yes there are USB connections which will handle external hard disks. Also it will connect to most things on your LAN as well via windows or apple shares. This really expands your media center.

My internet is bad?
Well my advice is fix it. As the JSAT T95UPRO is only as good as your internet is. Bad or no internet equals no TV. If you do not get at least 2mb or above of internet speed on the international links, then your viewing experience will at best be fair at worst be very poor. So check your line speeds, and get what you pay for from your ISP. You can test your internet in these two places (1) Speed test (2) Live UK TV

Will the JSAT T95UPRO work with my old TV (a CRT TV - not HD flat panel)?
NO the T95UPRO will not do this and with HD Tv's so cheap at BigC or Tesco Lotus why bother?

I see the sales of the M8S/M8/MX/MXq/ RPi has been removed from this web site, why?
The RPI Model II, MX , MXq, M8 and M8s are no longer avalable as an original box (end of life) and only sold as clones, so we decided we will not sell clone boxes to our customers. So if you see MX , MXq, M8 and M8s and many others advertised super cheap, consider it a clone at best.

Training is free in our offices in Bangkok. YES FREE
Please feel free at anytime to ask for more training on the system which we can do in our offices at an arranged time. This will ensure you know what you can and can not do with the M8s. We provide many examples pre-cofigured for you, and it is set so you can expand on this to make the T95UPRO box do what you want it to do.

IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

Order a system now

You can buy any of these media centers from us, simply email us for more details. Delivery time is from 1 -4 days depending on where in Thailand you are located. Shipped via EMS and tracking code provided Email Anne for more details at

. Outside of Thailand? Email us before you buy..

Free IPTV in Bangkok

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Plus 100's more all free to view TV channels from across the world and no IPTV monthly fees There is no big channel list so do not bother asking, just come and see for yourself.

JSAT MXq & the old JSAT Pi/ MX/ Cocobox / mMXQ / M8 /M8S screen dumps click here to see real examples of what it does for weather, pictures, music, Live TV, Movies etc etc

Apple airPlay is now onboard every JSAT T95UPRO - so play an iDevice directly to your TV via the T95UPRO - amazing replay quality over wifi and you do not pay extra for this function it is included for free in every JSAT T95UPRO - subject to the apple air play limitations

3G, 4G, Edge mobile phone hot spots work well with the JSAT T95UPRO media centers

If you need an online run through of what this great little T95UPRO box please feel free to pop in and see for yourself in realtime.

JSAT IPTV for free in Thailand


* Yes we also write our own applications for the T95UPRO and other Android devices.
We also are a XBMC / SPMC 3rd party addon developers, so we know and write applications for you our customers.

simple set up of the M8s box on any HD TV or UHD TV it's so simple as these 3 steps

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    We offer so many IOT (Internet Of Things) Home Automation devices and solutions come and see a live demo of many things here in our offices from Smart lights, Smart home tools all live starting from THB1,000

  • IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    JSAT.TV does not maintain nor run any form of IPTV Servers like you may have read in the press. We only provide free and open source software / firmware with NO weekly costs.

  • IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    End of life for all media centers before the M8. So this includes;MX
    Coco Box
    Rasberry Pi version 1 and 2

    Other Android 4.x devices

The ultimate in smart set top box systems at only THB 7,000 the T95u Pro Android 6 set top box with a metal case and the Android Play Store, in full uHD, streaming movies, Ideal Multi Media system, music, pictures on this full blown media center with free media from around the world ..

JSAT IPTV for free in Thailand