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Put all your media in one place on the T95UPRO .....

over 1000 TV channels no monthly fees

When you purchase a JSAT media center you also get all the free IPTV. We sell the hardware that enables free IPTV only, so this means we do not provide any of the content, as all the IPTV is just a free addon to our media centers.

With so much content in the SPMC media center it is hard to choose what you want to watch. So we have broken the many free to view TV channels from all over the world into small packages called sample playlists / addons.

Free satellite  TV in Thailand
These sample playlists are but a small sample of the overall content and you can at anytime add to your "favorites list" with all the live TV you want to at anytime. While we have listed some of the content in the sample playlists below this is but a small fraction of what is available for free. All these sample playlists are included in all boxes we sell.

Great new box click here for specs over 50,000 stations so many live channels

The standard systems / packages come with a top of the line Android 6.0.1 Marshmelloe set top box with the added bonus of being able to add any new channels at will. All the google android play store apps can be loaded at ay time to ensure you have more than just a media center with free IPTV.

Free satellite  TV in Thailand

All boxes have all the packages included in them already

Sample playlists Number of channels T95UPRO
ALL PACKAGES TV Free to view TV, Freeview channels from the UK, NZ and Australia THB 7000
Mini FAQ

I see the sales of the MXq,M8,MX, M8,M8S have been removed from this web site, why?
They are no longer avalable for purchases as an original box (end of life) and only sold as clones, so we decided we will not sell clone boxes to our customers. So if you see them and many others advertised super cheap, consider what a clone costs.

Facebook Marketing
We have seen so many fly by nighters start up and then run off with people money over the last 14 years and now in the IPTV market we see then daily on Facebook and in junk mail (spam) we do say you should take a moment to do your due dilligence when purchasing something for "free for a lifetime" = which is 72 years and is obviously yet another con job on you the end users. Remember we are also developers of the media centers and its addons on the Mac, PC, Andoid, iPad, iPhone, tablets. This is why we provide a 3rd party upgrade service to make sure you get the most from your purchase no matter what device it is.

For the record
JSAT.TV or Solutions Factory Company Limited has not now or ever had anything to do with Allen Reeks or Alan Reeks or Mage TV or Maige TV.

simple set up of the M8s box on any HD TV or UHD TV it's so simple as these 3 steps

  • iot

    We offer so many IOT (Internet Of Things) Home Automation devices and solutions come and see a live demo of many things here in our offices from Smart lights, Smart home tools all live starting from THB1,000

  • IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    JSAT.TV does not maintain nor run any form of IPTV Servers like you may have read in the press. We only provide free and open source software / firmware at no weekly cost.

  • IPTV free IPTV in Thailand by JSAT.TV

    End of life for all media centers before the M8. So this includes;MX
    Coco Box
    Rasberry Pi version 1 and 2

    Other Android 4.x devices

The ultimate in smart set top box systems at only THB 7,000 the T95u Pro Android 7 set top box with a metal case and the Android Play Store, in full uHD, streaming movies, Ideal Multi Media system, music, pictures on this full blown media center with free media from around the world ..

JSAT IPTV for free in Thailand